Global Public Inclusive Infrastructure

Code Repositories for the GPII Organization

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Welcome to the GPII

This Github project organization contains numerous code repositories for ongoing work in the GPII. For more information on the project, please see this page and feel free to subscribe and participate in our mailing lists.

Core Project Repositories

  • universal: cross-platform, core components of the GPII personalization infrastructure
  • linux: GNU/Linux-specific code for the real-time framework
  • windows: Microsoft Windows-specific code for the real-time framework
  • grunt-gpii: core utilities and tasks for Grunt
  • prefsEditors: a collection of preference editing tools
  • mac: Mac OS-specific code for the real-time framework
  • android: Android-specific code for the real-time framework

In addition to the above formally governed repositories this organization contains other projects maintained separately by other teams on the project. There is a separate page listing repositories created in the Cloud4all project that are hosted outside this organization. More information on our release and commit organization is available in the GPII wiki.